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Counting my blessings

If you look at the story of Joseph, every negative event in his life turned into a blessing. He was rejected by his brothers, and then he had a dream. He was thrown into prison and then he became second in command. Continue reading “Counting my blessings” »

How My Fears Coming True Moved Me Forward

I find it funny looking back on how I was craving so much to live a life where I can pursue my dreams and passions. I felt like so much was holding me back, but when I finally let everything go to be in a place of freedom to pursue anything I want, I ended up not knowing where to begin and questioning myself if this was what I really wanted. It was much scarier than I thought it would be. Continue reading “How My Fears Coming True Moved Me Forward” »


As a kid, I had no shame in imagining, but at some point, I had to learn to “grow up”. The moment I let my circumstances control my life is when my imagination withered and hid in a corner. I grew up poor. My parents’ relationship suffered and eventually ended because of money and how it was being spent. As I grew up, my imagination changed from wanting to become a ninja turtle to wanting to find a job. This became my aspiration as young as the 5th grade: Continue reading “Imagination” »