Our month-long adventure on the road has been so jam packed that it passed by so quickly. It’s been an amazing adventure being able to see the country as well as catch up with friends and family. Some of them I haven’t seen since I was a toddler. As I got to meet more people and see all the different lifestyles that people live, I began to take the time to observe my own life a bit more and started asking myself more questions. I’ve developed a conviction that I want my life to be fully lived and I ask myself everyday what that would look like.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Continue reading “Conviction” »

#1 Ice Cream in America

I am a dark chocolate lover. Something about “it’s good for you” has a nice ring to dark chocolate. I am also a coffee lover and an ice cream lover. Put that all together and you’ll make me very happy. Continue reading “#1 Ice Cream in America” »

Slush Explosion

Boston. For some reason, this city is still a mystery to me. What is Boston known for? What is there to see in Boston? Yes, it has a New England/London street feel to it, but is that about it? (Yes, I am biased because I do not eat seafood – therefore Quincy Market is just a fish market to me). Fortunately, this past week I found the best reason to go to Boston. The Spadafora Slushie in Medford, Boston.

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One big thing Caroline and I had to figure out in order to be able to go on this big cross country journey was of course, money. We researched on many ways to cut costs, which includes carrying around our own portable stove and eating instant foods for some meals. One cool idea we saw was to modify our car a little bit to be able to sleep in it comfortably to save some money on lodging. Thanks to one of our good friends, we were able to make that possible. With less than $100 in supplies, we successfully converted our car into a Camper! Continue reading “Friends” »

Coffee Chips

After a bittersweet goodbye to our family in Rhode Island, Kyujin and I drove in silence to our first destination: Cape Cod, MA. I was lost in my own thoughts, as Kyujin was in his. Suddenly all the hardships in the first two years of marriage seemed like a piece of cake. Leaving everyone behind and moving forward feels so inspiring yet will be the hardest thing I’ll probably ever do. Continue reading “Coffee Chips” »

Why Goodbyes Are Important Sometimes

Goodbyes are hard. It hit me the most that I’m leaving all I know behind when I hugged my mother goodbye and I had to see the tears welling up in her eyes. She wrote me a goodbye card and one thing she wrote was “this is the kind of life that I want you to live”. Continue reading “Why Goodbyes Are Important Sometimes” »

Open Road

Caroline and Eugene will be traveling across USA for next month or two.  The journey of a life time.  The adventure awaits, and I am confident to believe that at the end of this feat they will find themselves in a place of humility and maturity, and perhaps more uncertainty about life.  But what matters most is that they will be able to say that they risked and in the midst of it all that they became alive.  I am confident of that.