Eugene’s Epiphanies

>>FF (fastforward)

My my where has the time gone.

Ok so fast forwarding really quickly… since the #1 ice cream in America, we have travelled quite far across the country. I thought I would be blogging a lot more but it was pretty hard to find time to gather my thoughts, let alone find internet. Anywhoo, although there are some awesome food and desserts that I tried that I would love to share, I will quickly recap my adventure and the things that I WOULD have blogged about if I was not so lazy. Continue reading “>>FF (fastforward)” »


Our month-long adventure on the road has been so jam packed that it passed by so quickly. It’s been an amazing adventure being able to see the country as well as catch up with friends and family. Some of them I haven’t seen since I was a toddler. As I got to meet more people and see all the different lifestyles that people live, I began to take the time to observe my own life a bit more and started asking myself more questions. I’ve developed a conviction that I want my life to be fully lived and I ask myself everyday what that would look like.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Continue reading “Conviction” »

#1 Ice Cream in America

I am a dark chocolate lover. Something about “it’s good for you” has a nice ring to dark chocolate. I am also a coffee lover and an ice cream lover. Put that all together and you’ll make me very happy. Continue reading “#1 Ice Cream in America” »