Written by Eugene Choi

What John Mayer Taught Me About Success

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This tweet by John Mayer made me think a lot about how I’ve equated success to mean being happy. My definition of success was getting into a good school, finding a good job, marrying a nice girl and buying a nice house. The American Dream. It’s not a bad dream, but I began wondering how that is what many people view as success, but also for some reason convinced that this is what happiness looks like. Continue reading “What John Mayer Taught Me About Success” »

How My Fears Coming True Moved Me Forward

I find it funny looking back on how I was craving so much to live a life where I can pursue my dreams and passions. I felt like so much was holding me back, but when I finally let everything go to be in a place of freedom to pursue anything I want, I ended up not knowing where to begin and questioning myself if this was what I really wanted. It was much scarier than I thought it would be. Continue reading “How My Fears Coming True Moved Me Forward” »


As a kid, I had no shame in imagining, but at some point, I had to learn to “grow up”. The moment I let my circumstances control my life is when my imagination withered and hid in a corner. I grew up poor. My parents’ relationship suffered and eventually ended because of money and how it was being spent. As I grew up, my imagination changed from wanting to become a ninja turtle to wanting to find a job. This became my aspiration as young as the 5th grade: Continue reading “Imagination” »