Written by Eugene Choi

Why Perfectionism Kills Your Creativity

I have a confession. I struggle with perfectionism. And by perfectionism, I mean I’m overly concerned with what other people will think of me so I try to make sure anything I do is presentable enough for the judgmental public. Continue reading “Why Perfectionism Kills Your Creativity” »

Three Practical Steps You Can Take to Become More Creative

Every creative process begins with imagination. You first imagine what could be, then through your creativity, you take the action to turn it into a reality. For all those people who think they aren’t creative, trust me, you are.

Here’s three practical steps on how to be creative. Continue reading “Three Practical Steps You Can Take to Become More Creative” »

The Key Step To Living The Life of Your Dreams

I thought I was living the life of my dreams. Over the past ten years, I’ve had very awesome opportunities all over the world. In the busy streets of Thailand, I worked with women who were victims of human trafficking. In the extremely violent favelas of Brazil, I helped create community with drug traffickers. In the famous House of the Dying started by Mother Theresa in India, I helped terminal patients who were picked up from the street die with dignity. Continue reading “The Key Step To Living The Life of Your Dreams” »