Written by Caroline Choi

#1 Ice Cream in America

I am a dark chocolate lover. Something about “it’s good for you” has a nice ring to dark chocolate. I am also a coffee lover and an ice cream lover. Put that all together and you’ll make me very happy. Continue reading “#1 Ice Cream in America” »

Slush Explosion

Boston. For some reason, this city is still a mystery to me. What is Boston known for? What is there to see in Boston? Yes, it has a New England/London street feel to it, but is that about it? (Yes, I am biased because I do not eat seafood – therefore Quincy Market is just a fish market to me). Fortunately, this past week I found the best reason to go to Boston. The Spadafora Slushie in Medford, Boston.

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Coffee Chips

After a bittersweet goodbye to our family in Rhode Island, Kyujin and I drove in silence to our first destination: Cape Cod, MA. I was lost in my own thoughts, as Kyujin was in his. Suddenly all the hardships in the first two years of marriage seemed like a piece of cake. Leaving everyone behind and moving forward feels so inspiring yet will be the hardest thing I’ll probably ever do. Continue reading “Coffee Chips” »