Written by Caroline Choi

Counting my blessings

If you look at the story of Joseph, every negative event in his life turned into a blessing. He was rejected by his brothers, and then he had a dream. He was thrown into prison and then he became second in command. Continue reading “Counting my blessings” »

A New Flavor

At first, when this blog was created I asked for my own little section so that I can share my side of the road trip. Or so I can share all the awesome food we were eating. I didn’t want to share about the ‘deep things’ in my life, because I wanted to save it for when I met with people in person. Continue reading “A New Flavor” »

>>FF (fastforward)

My my where has the time gone.

Ok so fast forwarding really quickly… since the #1 ice cream in America, we have travelled quite far across the country. I thought I would be blogging a lot more but it was pretty hard to find time to gather my thoughts, let alone find internet. Anywhoo, although there are some awesome food and desserts that I tried that I would love to share, I will quickly recap my adventure and the things that I WOULD have blogged about if I was not so lazy. Continue reading “>>FF (fastforward)” »