We have one goal: to help you live the amazing life you were always intended to live. We do this by writing about three necessities we believe should be in everyone’s life: Creativity, Empowerment & Personal Growth. We want to do what it takes to turn your world upside down and show you even though life is hard, it is meant to be amazing.

What We Write About


Your creativity is essential to making the world better. Wonderful things would never have existed until someone took the time to actually make it possible. We write about how to tap into your creativity to keep your life beautiful.


We’re fascinated by all the hidden talent in people just waiting to be unleashed. What if someone with the IQ of Albert Einstein is living in the slums somewhere barely getting by? We write about how to discover your talents and utilizing them to make an impact.

Personal Growth

Through our adventures and experiences all over the world, we discovered the secret to a fulfilling life is to invest in who you are becoming. We write about our life lessons as we continually learn about how we can move towards becoming our best selves.


Caroline’s Bio

profile-carolineCaro is a wife, dessert eater, and an aggressive traveller. Although she worked in the hotel industry for 5 years, she decided to pursue a different side of hospitality and is currently studying for her nursing degree. She enjoys hosting parties, innovating with foods, and baking desserts. Her passion and goal is to be extraordinary in any and every way.

Eugene’s Bio

profile-eugeneEugene is a writer, filmmaker and a pharmacist, but is a change-maker at heart. He’s realized the deep underlying reason for any of the world’s problems come from a lack of human connectedness. He is committed to empowering individuals and cultivating healing to demolish the internal walls which keep us from building genuine loving relationships.