Counting my blessings

If you look at the story of Joseph, every negative event in his life turned into a blessing. He was rejected by his brothers, and then he had a dream. He was thrown into prison and then he became second in command. At the storyline conference, Donald Miller shared this story and drew out a timeline to show how every negative point in Joseph’s life became something great.

And so, instead of thinking of the negative things that happened in my life and letting that control me, I started thinking about the great things that came out of my dreadful events.  As I grew up, I felt very limited in the things I was able to do. I’ve always spent my summers at summer school, I was never allowed to sleep over at any of my friends’ houses, I was limited to one hour of internet a night, no t.v. and my father literally sat with my brother and I  while we did our homework to make sure we weren’t goofing off. But now that I look back, I am very grateful because I developed great discipline as an adult and have more respect for myself as a woman.

There are other events where as I look back now, I realized the great things that came out of it. A relationship in college that did not go as planned led me to go home more often as a sort of “escape” and I served and grew closer to my home church. I reconnected with past relationships including the relationship with my husband.  My grandmother’s death brought me closer to God as I witnessed and experienced spiritual warfare for the first time and received the gift of discernment. I had a 2 month internship on an island and experienced severe loneliness and solitude and came back thankful for the relationships waiting for me at home.

And the list goes on.  As I reflect and figure out how to live a better story, I realized that I really need to count my blessings.; to see that the grass is greener on my side also. I am learning to be thankful for the negative events and to realize that greatness will always be around the corner.


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  • Sinsook on Mar 14, 2014 Reply

    It was such an encouraing words. Thanks for reminding us of our gracious God.

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