As a kid, I had no shame in imagining, but at some point, I had to learn to “grow up”. The moment I let my circumstances control my life is when my imagination withered and hid in a corner. I grew up poor. My parents’ relationship suffered and eventually ended because of money and how it was being spent. As I grew up, my imagination changed from wanting to become a ninja turtle to wanting to find a job. This became my aspiration as young as the 5th grade:


I actually found this picture fifteen years later after it was taken. Funny thing is, I actually found a good job, but ended up leaving it behind.

Everyone can relate to the fact that when we were kids, we were naturals at imagination. I use to imagine having the supernatural ability to shoot out fireballs like they do in Dragonball Z. I would enter into battle and at first, I would get beaten up, but then my resolve would get me to win against all odds and save the damsel in distress who would then begin to endlessly compliment me about how awesome I was. Then I decided I’d just do something more realistic so I asked my parents to buy me a long stick from the toy store so I can be Donatello from the Ninja Turtles.

I don’t imagine the same kind of things now (As much at least), but what was so cool was that I remember how much I enjoyed it. There is a joy that comes when imagining a better self. I’ve had many sleepless nights thinking and praying about a life worth living.  It wasn’t until I started a conversation with myself to imagine what living my life more fully would actually look like that I slowly got the courage to act upon it. What would it look like for me to be more brave? What would it look like if I took the risk and learned to be more vulnerable and share my heart with others? What would it look like if I wasn’t busy worrying about how I look to other people and spend more time convincing others who worry about the same thing that they’re amazing and beautiful people?

When I started asking these types of questions, I felt like it was as if God was just staring at me blankly at me saying “Yeah, I can see what that looks like too. Why don’t you go out and try it now?”. Touché God. Touché.

Eugene Choi

Eugene is a writer, filmmaker and a pharmacist, but is a change-maker at heart. He's realized the deep underlying reason for any of the world's problems come from a lack of human connectedness. He is committed to empowering individuals by unleashing their talent and cultivating healing to demolish the internal walls which keep us from building genuine loving relationships .


  • Anthony on Mar 06, 2014 Reply

    Looking for a good job? lol.

  • danny on Mar 06, 2014 Reply

    …reallly… donatello? out of all of them? donatello? thats like being billy from power rangers


    • Eugene Choi on Mar 07, 2014 Reply

      Billy was the best character to choose in the video game!

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