A New Flavor

At first, when this blog was created I asked for my own little section so that I can share my side of the road trip. Or so I can share all the awesome food we were eating. I didn’t want to share about the ‘deep things’ in my life, because I wanted to save it for when I met with people in person.

It was only after this weekend at the storyline conference I realized that I was being selfish. Quite honestly, I have a lot of great stories to tell but I’ve been just picking and choosing the stories that seemed relevant to you, or just picking and choosing whom to tell my stories to.

And so here I am. I am ready to tell my past stories and ready to live new ones.. and then tell you those. And I as work and reflect on my life plan and theme, I wish to share them with you so that you may keep me accountable to them.

Let this post be a sort of .. the foreword. My mind is so jumbled with stories and ideas I want to share but I have no clue which one to tell first. So as I unravel a story, I hope to develop a new flavor to my “Caro’s Corner.”



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