>>FF (fastforward)

My my where has the time gone.

Ok so fast forwarding really quickly… since the #1 ice cream in America, we have travelled quite far across the country. I thought I would be blogging a lot more but it was pretty hard to find time to gather my thoughts, let alone find internet. Anywhoo, although there are some awesome food and desserts that I tried that I would love to share, I will quickly recap my adventure and the things that I WOULD have blogged about if I was not so lazy.

National Parks are beautiful. Crater Lake was my favorite. Clear Blue water is my weakness.

Seattle. My 64 year old aunt is running marathons professionally. My other Seattle aunt is my inspiration to make everything from scratch. Seattle was where I decided my new hobby will be learn how things are made, and try it myself. For example – Learn where chocolate is made from, try to make chocolate myself.

Portland. Amazing food. Amazing food. Amazing cute shops. Did I mention amazing food? Definitely a place to go back to, or perhaps move to!

San Francisco. Family & Friends. Reunited with one of my closest friends from school. Reunited with our cousins (literally cousin party 2013) and had an awesome time revisiting memories with all of them.

Las Vegas. I was born for las vegas. Actually I was just born for their buffets. I was pretty proud of my stomach being able to retain all that food that I passed along to it. I would definitely go back. Maybe tomorrow since its a short 3 hr drive away now.

Colorado. Our 2nd home (New York being our 1st. LA being our 3rd). We know the roads now, we have our favorite restaurants. But most importantly, we have some of our close friends there.

Finally, LA.. well stay tuned for LA. because i’m still gathering my thoughts for that.

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